How To Do Homework With Ease: A Checklist For Dummies

You are bogged by homework and do not have any idea how to continue. The constant fear of reprobation by a certain teacher; the ignominy of remaining alone in the class with indecent submission; all bother you substantially.

Don’t worry. You can easily coast through your assignments without raising too much fuss. There is a defined way of doing that; the segregation method –

  • Here, you jot down the assignments you have in hand. It is good if these are few in number but even if they are too many; you need not lose your boat. Just stay composed and continue.
  • Segregate your assignments into three categories; objective, subjective; problems (Math). Now, leave the objective assignments for later on and concentrate on the lengthy ones. Keep the reference material, course book and every other book or copy of assistance at hand. Try and write answers wit heart; infusing something novel in each answer.
  • When the lengthy segment is done, head towards the problems section. Keep the formulae book handy and also download the worksheets. These have analogous questions with the answers given at the back. You also get to know the format. Thus, you can understand how analogous questions are done and can use the same principle to do the questions in hand.
  • You can also discuss the same with elders and neighbors, typically if you tend to falter in Math or Physics. You should keep gaining the concept on the mathematical segments. You will gradually fall in love with the subject.
  • When the lengthy questions and problems are sorted out, you are left with the objective questions. You will find this a literal cruise. Since you have invested time and labor on relatively difficult segments, the easy ones don’t take much of your time.
  • Of course, there may still be objective questions you don’t know the answer of. Try finding them in the course book or ask elders. You should keep looking for solutions in studies; not create problems.
  • Once your homework is completed, you should give a good look at what you have done and whether you have done it properly or not. Whether you have followed the correct format, abided by the teacher’s instructions and aligned the references perfectly. Most importantly, whether you have understood the questions or just answered in hindsight.

This way, your school assignments click off at an astonishing rate without bothering you too much. You also get the time to do additional study if you wish so.

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