How To Get Homework Done Without Doing It – 4 Life Hacks

Sometimes, students get such an amount of homework that they simply give up and decide not to do it. According to the expert’s opinion, almost 50 % of students cheat on their assignments and find the ways to get everything completed without actually doing something. There are a few ways to help you cheat in a smart way. The most popular life hacks used by students are described below.

How to Finish Your Homework without Effort

  1. Copy the answers from your classmate.
  2. If you have an endless worksheet with multiple choice questions, short answers, or math problems, it’s a good idea to ask your classmate to share his or her solutions. You should avoid copying homework before the class begins, so consider using the time you have when riding a bus on the way to school.

  3. Study in a group.
  4. Working on assignments in a small group in the best way to share the workload. The group alternates who solves the problems and who copies. So, everyone gets the correct answers without spending hours struggling with the tasks. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to meet in a quiet place in the school library or at someone’s home.

  5. Skip the long reading.
  6. Reading takes plenty of time, so think of skipping everything, except the introductions and conclusions. This is the fastest way to get through it and grasp the main ideas. You can also search for some class notes online on an educational website or watch a video related to the topic under study.

  7. Search for an answer key online.
  8. Plenty of problem solutions, test answers, and essay templates can be easily found on the Web. You need to identify a few keywords, type them in your search engine, and select the relevant results. It’s a good idea to ask your peers what websites they consider helpful while working on their assignments.

What Tools Can Help You Complete Your Schoolwork

  • A service that allows students to send a picture of an assignment to tutors and receive the necessary explanation.

  • An app that takes a picture of typed math problems and solves them step-by-step.

  • A crowdsourcing app designed to post questions and answers on different subjects.

  • A student forum where learners help each other cope with homework and find useful study resources.

  • Online calculators created to solve finance, statistics, and math equations.

  • Essay topic generators helpful when you struggle with what to write your paper about.

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