10 Things that Hinder You from Finishing Your Homework Writing Assignments

It’s much easier to find reasons to keep you from doing your homework than it is to find reasons to get down to work or at least look for your math homework online. And it’s a good idea that you prepare yourself by getting rid of these distractions before you get off track. Here’s a list of 10 things that hinder you from completing your assignments:

  1. Television

    Television has been distracting students since its invention. Unfortunately, with all of today’s addicting programs, it doesn’t seem like anyone will have an easy time overcoming the desire to watch. So the only way to beat this is actually to rid yourself of the temptation by working in a room without a television.

  2. Music

    Working while listening to music can be extremely distracting. Some music can be soothing but anything that gets you to sing along is clearly redirecting your focus. If you can be certain that a playlist won’t be distracting then go right ahead, but don’t spend precious time looking for and downloading music.

  3. YouTube

    This website is home to several thousand cat videos that can waste away the precious time one has to get work done. You can find videos on just about anything and that’s not a good thing when you have an assignment due the next day.

  4. Facebook

    This popular network site has been said to bring people from around the world together to one place where pictures, stories, and so much more can be communicated and shared. It’s also among the most visited social networking sites on the planet and the reason behind much procrastination. Disconnect from the world for a few hours each day if you want to find academic success.

  5. Video Games

    Video games have been around for several decades and has been one of the causes of poor grades in youth and young adults in that same amount of time. As games become more intricate so does their ability to draw one away from homework. Turn off the system and fight the temptation to play.

  6. Going Out

    It’s a good thing to stay social and go out with friends or family regularly. But not at the expense of getting your writing assignments completed. Instead, schedule in some time to be social and time to get through your work. Planning ahead will help you stay organized and will allow you to enjoy your free time more.

  7. Cell Phone Apps

    In the last decade alone cell phone technology has grown exponentially. Nowadays there are applications that can do just about anything. Games, music, social networking, the internet, all of these things can become serious time wasters, especially when they are all within reach in a small handheld device we tend to carry around everywhere we go.

  8. Skype Calls

    Both computers and cell phones allow us to use this technology to have a face to face conversation with anyone in the world. Though powerful and extremely helpful, it’s also a prime reason why we spend hours not getting to other responsibilities. Don’t let your time slip away. Make those calls after you’ve finished your work.

  9. Texting

    It’s hard to imagine how we ever communicated so rapidly and innocuously with our friends and family before the days of texting. The trouble is that we’re always reaching for our phones the moment we hear the buzz or ring that tells us someone somewhere is reaching out to us. Turn off the sound or shut down your cell phone completely. You can always text later on.

  10. Laziness

    Sometimes the simplest reason behind why you can’t get started on your assignment is just laziness. Whether you are exhausted or just can’t muster enough motivation to get to your desk, you can’t let laziness get the best of you. Practice different ways of staying refreshed and focus if you don’t want this formidable feeling prevent you from your homework.

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